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Six days Halong Bay overnighter
As Asia's original sea kayak expedition company, SeaCanoe emphasizes local conditions and culture. . We understand local politics, so we've got the only permit to overnight and/or camp in the Bay, allowing you to visit sites far from the pier rarely seen by outsiders.  Although Ha Long is more than 1,000 islands, we've been researching the Bay since 1992, so you see most of the best sites while you fall into the quiet rhythm of Ha Long's spirit.


Kayaking inside limestone karsts is one of our specialties.  Aside from the comforts and permits, escort boats allow you to efficiently experience the remote geology and untouched culture harbored within Ha Long's scattered limestone islands.  With five tranquil sunsets and five Sunrises on the water, your should have good chances of wildlife sightings, and the eerie romance of the outer islands is unforgettable.


SeaCanoe's self-designed ultra-tough inflatable kayaks allow you to explore deep into small caves.  Silent and smooth, you won't disturb bat colonies, and if you are lucky, you might see birds, primates, reptiles, fish and coral closer than you ever dreamed possible.  Many species we see were considered rare or extinct in this habitat.  (Wildlife sightings are never guaranteed, but sunrise and sunset are the best times.)


SAFETY NOTICE:   Ha Long has large caves and lagoons that create dangerous tidal currents at varying but predictable times. SeaCanoe started exploring Ha Long's local conditions in 1992, and with a 16-year perfect record for safe kayaking and the only kayaks especially designed for sea cave exploring, only SeaCanoe can guarantee your safe entries into the smallest and most complex of Ha Long's sea caves.

Six days Halong Bay overnighter
Biking in Cat Ba island 02
Biking in Cat Ba island is an optional choice

Day One -
Guys from NY - Wallstreet lol :)

-0800  Depart your hotel in Hanoi
-0930  Snack break
-1200  Arrive Ha Long and eat lunch
-1300  Depart Ha Long pier
-1500  Arrive Haeng Toi and explore the Bay by kayak,
-1800  Return to escort boat
-1900  Seafood dinner
-2000  Optional night paddle
-2200  Return to escort boat and sleep
Day Two -

-0700  Breakfast
-0800  Depart for Second Island 
-0900  Kayak caves in Second Island, one with a triple Phong
-1200  Return to escort boat for lunch
-1300  Continue kayak exploration, more caves and Phong's
-1800 Rendezvous with escort boat
-1900  Dinner
-2000  optional night paddle
Day Three -
On kayak

-0700  Sunrise breakfast
-0800 Continue Island exploration including caves and Phong's
-1200  Return to escort boat, lunch underway
-1300  Arrive Fish Farm Island and paddle sea tunnel and coastal paddle
-1800  Rendezvous with Escort boat
-1900  Dinner and Sleep on escort boat
-2000  Optional Moonlight paddle
Day Four -

-0700  Sunrise breakfast
-0800  Motor to Phong-filled Island
-0900  Paddle leeward side of Phong-filled Island
-1200  Rendezvous with escort boat for lunch
-1300  Continue paddle including Stair-step Phong
-1600  Return to Escort Boat, motor to Island of Many Winds
-1700  Arrive leeward side of Island of Many Winds
          Sunset Paddle
-1900  Dinner on board
Day Five -

-0700  Sunrise breakfast
-0800  Paddle leeward side of island of many Winds – sea arches, secret Phong, excellent
          rock garden, mangroves and complicated coves
-1200  Return to Escort boat for lunch under way
-1500  Arrive at 2.5K cave/Phong and transit
-1800  Return to Escort Boat
-1900  Dinner
Day Six -
Guys from NY - Wallstreet lol :)

-0630  Depart for North Coast of Dao Cat Ba; Breakfast underway
-0830 Explore caves and Phong's of North Cat Ba
-1100  Depart for Ha Long City
-1200  Arrive Ha Long City pier
-1230  Goodbye to SeaCanoe staff - return to Hanoi with Vietnamese staff
-1500  Snack break 
-1630  Return to your hotel in Hanoi
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