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John Gray Sea Canoe - Our Franchise partner 
The portrait of  Mr. John Gray aka Caveman – the founder & owner of John Gray Sea Canoe in Phuket, Thailand
Referring: for his stories & trips in Thailand
More than a Franchise Partner, John Gray aka Caveman is also a close and "big" friend of us - Sea Canoe Vietnam.
"From my first Halong Bay exploratory in May, 1992 and throughout the 90's, Halong Bay sea kayaking was reasonable. But after SeaCanoe Vietnam was selected as a National Geographic World Top 25 Adventure in 1999, the copycats started and Halong became as bad or worse than Phang Nga Bay, Thailand. The locations we developed in the 90's now have a non-stop stream of "sea kayaks", none of them real or even trained. Fortunately for their guests, they don't attempt deep cave explorations. You may think you booked a sea kayaking trip, only to find out you bought three days on a floating hotel with sea kayaking offered only on the second afternoon at an additional charge. These trips return to the crowded floating city anchorage every night, severely limiting your range
At my urging, after five years, SeaCanoe Vietnam finally received the authority to once again free-range throughout the Bay - allowing us to offer you a true sea kayaking expedition with support boat to Halong's far reaches, staying at a different remote island every night. 

Every October, I do a training trip for SeaCanoe Vietnam, Halong's only operation with a properly trained experienced staff with professional standards. We remain the only team emphasizing deep cave explorations, the primary and unique reason for paddling Halong Bay. This October past, the training trip was a preliminary exploration of a new region never visited by tourists. In five days, we only saw sparsely-populated Vietnamese. We also found incredible locations, paddling some and noting others for further exploration."
John Caveman Gray