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Sea Canoe Vietnam
Ha Long Bay is one of the World’s finest examples of marine limestone karst.  If you aren’t familiar with the
Halong Bay
jagged rain, river, and tidal sculpted geology, you may think you are on another planet. With somewhere between 1,000 and 3,000 islands depending upon the tides and who is counting, Ha Long Bay is certainly majestic. You navigate complicated channels (now drowned riverbeds) between complicated islands, each one invited us to stop and explore. We continued to only the best locations we’ve found in the past 13 years, all original “discoveries”. Sometimes, we even wonder how we ever found these locations.
Exploring sea caves in Ha Long Bay by our self-designed inflatable canoes, entering hidden lagoons, observing wildlife, enjoying the healing effects of being professionally and safety paddled on the water, inhaling clean fresh air, going to remote areas, camping on the beach or sleeping on an escort boat, eating as you were at as wedding… Does this sound like music in your ears?
National Geographic adventures Journal just selected Sea canoe in Halong Bay as one of the World’s top 25 adventures and it really is: 

Sea canoe Vietnam offers you combination trips, kayaking in National Parks together with hiking.
John "Caveman" Gray & our lead guide - Cuong
Sea Canoe Vietnam guarantees safety and professionalism… cross-cultural education…comforts… information about the nature surrounding you… service… preservation.
So, when you want to get away from those busy streets, busy phones, busy crowds… then get on the water with Sea Canoe Vietnam.
John “Caveman” Gray first explored Ha Long Bay by sea kayak in 1992, finding many sea caves and lagoons. In 1995, boatman Cuong - followed John Gray into sea caves and began his career in sea kayaking. Ten years later including a four-month Phuket training program and two cave discoveries of his own, Cuong is Senior Lead Guide for Ha Long Bay’s only professionally trained sea kayaking/sea caving team. John still regularly visits Vietnam to train new staffs and refresh the “Old Boys”.
Experienced, well trained, and professional in sea kayaking are unique for our Sea Canoe in Ha Long Bay.
These guide was trained by John Gray
Today, every junk in the bay offers a junk sea kayaking.  Just slap some cheap sit-on-tops on the escort boat and rent them for US$20/hour at the swimming breaks – advertise it as sea kayaking. Outside the caves, theSea Canoe Vietnam offers Ocean Kayak Sit-On-Tops, not the Thai-made knock-offs the junks buy.
Sea Canoe Vietnam- the John Gray’s offers professional sea caving into Ha Long’s most dramatic caves with Caveman’s self-designed, Oregon-made Sotar Elite sea caving kayaks, the World’s toughest commercial inflatable, made from 32 oz. Lexitron fabric. 
Our Sotar’s and Cuong’s experienced professionalism take you where others never dare to go – if they even knew our locations. Consistent with our premier-level service, John Gray’s seafood vegetarian meal plan is famous for our “Best meals of my entire vacation” guest comments - whole grain breads, brown rice, no red meat, traditional local dishes and brewed coffee. 
We can provide First Class boat, but we prefer our made-for-sea-kayaking normal escort boats that save you money while ranging far from the tourist spots – with maximum comfort and better food.
Don’t discover in Ha Long Bay that the sea kayaking trip you bought isn’t really sea kayaking. If you want to go with the only sea kayaking professionals in Halong Bay, click here to email John Gray/his associates right now